Replying to @lolosmsm Having to study for your upcoming exams after a long day of focusing in school can be really hard! Here are some top tips for keeping alert while studying: 🧃Stay Hydrated: Our brains are 73% water, and drinking enough of it is key to promoting focus and cognitive function. The added alertness boost that needing to go to the bathroom more frequently too will help you to keep focusing! 👯‍♀️ Body Doubling: This is the phenomenon where you’re more productive when working on tasks with others present. You can do this virtually in 24/7 focus rooms like StudyStream. This gives the added bonus of Hawthorne Theory, which theorises that you are more likely to perform better when you believe someone is watching you! You’re also way less likely to fall asleep with company! 😊 🍇 Light Snacks: Your body needs fuel to keep going! Eating something will stimulate your brain to focus more. Try to avoid heavy processed foods like crisps or cookies as these will cause you to crash! 💪 Physical Studying: Avoid passive studying tasks like readig notes or watching videos, as you are likely to fall into a rest state. Instead do something that gets your body moving! 🚿 (Bonus tip for caption readers👀) Shower: Going for a shower, preferably at a lower temperature than you normally would, will stimulate your senses and shock your system. Making you more alert, and ready to focus on your assignments! Going back to school after a long and restful summer can be difficult, we hope that these study tips and techniques will help you to focus down and ace all your exams! 📚✨ #studytok #academicvalidation #academictiktok #backtoschool #studytips #studytipsguru #students #studymotivation

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